Xavorn's Cross

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Xavorn's Cross
Born to a fallen paladin who abandonned him and a succubus who loved him, Xavorn was destined for inner turmoil. His hair was long and golden, like that of angels, but his soul was wicked and warped with demonic stains. Above all, however, he was simply lost - longing to prove himself because, at his core, he was alone. He prayed to a demon lord, asking for the divine power to smite down those that did not acknowledge his abilities and then bring them back through sheer force of will. His necromantic prowess came about after decades of study, dedication, and practice. However, even this power was not enough for him. He studied forbidden rituals and, after the death of his father at Xavorn's own hands, he began the trials on the path to lichdom. His quest was abruptly ended by his companions, before he was able to reach the peak of his powers. Now he is but a whisper, a forgotten cleric. All that is left of him is a cross, fashioned from his own bones and skin.
This unholy relic is fashioned entirely of bone and tied together with rope and skin. While in possession of this item, the DC to saving throws against this user's Channel Negative Energy increases by 2 and they may channel energy one additional time per day. Additionally, the user of this symbol may cast create undead once per day for 13 rounds.
0.1 lbs. 11,250 Coin.png

Xavorn's Cross is a magic necklace in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Found in Varnhold (Merged World) hidden in the graveyard.