Wolf Victim's Book

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Wolf Victim's Book
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Wolf Victim's Book is a book in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

"There are many goblin tribes in Avistan. These militant creatures do not construct cities, instead they build their settlements in forests, ancient ruins, or in caves. Goblins do not farm: they collect waste, rob and loot, in other words – parasitize on more developed civilizations who avoid any diplomatic relations with these dangerous pests.

Goblins experience pathological fear of horses and dogs. Despite this, they do not disdain the company of wolves, which they use as mounts. In battle, goblin riders are terrifying: they are a striking force that breaks into the enemy's formations and carries horror and death to all who happen to be caught on the way.

Goblins are often accompanied by worgs – these creatures are larger than ordinary wolves and have even more ferocious temper. Although worgs allow goblins to ride on their backs, it's highly questionable who is the master and who is the pet among those two.

Another beast, which should be known to the curious explorer of the wolves and goblin tribes is a barghest. Scientists consider these monstrous creatures to be related to goblins, but in appearance they are very similar to wolves. Barghests are very dangerous: they are able to shape-shift, to instill a feeling of boundless despair in their victims, and tear them apart while they are in [sic] helpless state. For the goblins, barghests are sacred creatures: they believe these monsters once initiated the goblin race."

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