Witch Hunt

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Witch Hunt
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throne room event
Parent Quest
Season of Bloom
Shrine of Lamashtu
Secluded Lodge
Priest of Lamashtu
Main quest
600 XP + 360 XP (if accusation correct)

Witch Hunt is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Dark times have come to our long-suffering barony. The number of people infected by the mysterious blight continues to grow. Many scared people are fleeing lands they believe to be doomed, while those who stay are entertaining ideas of rebellion. But, that's the point of utter darkness — to let the beam of hope shine ever brighter! While others strain their brains in laboratories and chasing dodgy goblins, Kesten Garess, a loyal vassal of our baron/baroness, begain his own investigation and found something so nasty that it demanded {His/Her} Grace's personal attention.
Read Kesten's note
Jhod has brought a note from Kesten. The tight-lipped fighter wouldn't bother the baron{ess} without a good reason, so the matter must be urgent!
Meet Kesten near the Shrine of Lamashtu on the first day of a week
You know what they say: a quick mare is in time everywhere! While the baron/baroness was busy handling matters of state, Kesten became a militia leader and put the makeshift force to good use! The loyal vassal managed to lead a full-scale investigation and find traces of the cult of Lamashtu, goddess of monsters, nightmares, and everything else perverted and crooked. It's time to crush this evil before it spreads throughout the whole barony! The Shrine of Lamashtu is located to the south of the capital.
Ambush cultists of Lamashtu near the shrine
It's time to deal with the followers of this abominable cult. We just need to wait for the right moment.
  • The cultists fell into our trap. Hit them now!
Catch the fleeing cultist
One priest managed to get away! Get him!
Find the priest of Lamashtu among the lodge dwellers
The tracks led us to a solitary lodge full of strange and suspicious people. Any one of them could be our runaway. We don't even know if it's a man or a woman — it's hard to tell with all those black robes and hoods. We'll have to sort it out ourselves somehow — or maybe ask Kesten to do it?
  • Throwing accusations at random will get us nowhere – we need hard evidence. We should probably chat with the locals and then check their rooms.

  • There aren't many women in the world grumpier than this Dumra! She looks none too pleased at our arrival.

  • According to Olika, she's travelling from Galt to Grathon. That sounds perfectly normal, but how did she end up in the Stolen Lands? They're in the complete opposite direction! She should at least brush up on her geography before trying to lie straight to our faces!

  • Olika is definitely hiding something. She claims she's going to live with her sister, but there's no sign of her son around. What kind of mother would leave her own blood behind?

  • Aha! It looks like something was burned in the stove just before our arrival!

  • Right, this "kitchen maiden" limps – just like our robed runaway!

  • Unless this Tsanna is intentionally trying to poison her masters, her cooking skills are way below average!

  • Cabron Tedrim became quite jump after the baron told him he had heard about him earlier. What's he trying to hide so bad?

  • Cabron Tedrim claims he'd come to the barony to hunt, but he knows almost nothing about hunting – even less than I do! What a ridiculous idea, searching for cougars in the swamp!

  • Una Tedrim is definitely not sincere when she says she likes the place. This moneybag must have serious reasons to stay in this hole – reasons she doesn't want us to know about!

  • As soon as we asked the Restov guests about their room, Una Tedrim started sweating! What has her so worried? Is there something to find among their things?

Interrogate the suspect about the role of the Lamashtu cult in recent events[edit | edit source]

  • Time to ask some questions and get some honest answers!

Outcome[edit | edit source]

We managed to catch the surviving Lamashtu cultist and get her confession — alas, it wasn't what we wanted to hear! Seems the source of the blight spreading across the barony wasn't the Lamashtu cult. Let's hope we find some other leads to get the answers we seek!

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • After receiving the letter from Kesten, travel to the Shrine of Lamashtu, which is now unlocked to the south of the capital city.
  • After entering the area, speak with Kesten, then watch the cutscene.
  • Fight the cultists and pursue the feeling priest.
  • An illustrated book event will lead you to the Secluded Lodge run by Dumra.
  • A chaotic character has a special choice (needs confirmation), otherwise begin by speaking to the travelers, or tell Kesten to take care of it.
  • There are four people besides Dumra in the lodge. Olika, Kabron Tedrim, Una Tedrim, and Tsanna.
* Talk to Dumra, she will argue with you about nearly every topic, though it's nearly impossible to tell whether that's suspicious. If you can succeed at a diplomacy (DC 20) or Intimidation (DC ?) check, she will give you her room key.
* Talking to Olika, you will receive a warm welcome if you gave the dead merchant Leksen's treasure to his partner to give to her. Further speaking to her and passing a Knowledge (World) check (DC 15), you will recall that the Stolen Lands are not on the route between the locations she mentions. In addition, you may remember her letter to Leksen mention's a son, but she is travelling alone. She will also mention hearing a noise in the kitchen, after which Dumra comes out. Regardless, she gives up her room key when asked.
* If you go to her room, a Perception check (DC ?) on the bed will find bloodstained cloths. When confronted with this, Olika will burst into tears and claim that she is having trouble with her unborn child and has begun bleeding.
* Succeeding at a Perception check (DC 15) when examining the stove will gain the clue that something had just been burned.
* When speaking to Tsanna, if you succeed a Stealth check (DC 20), you can observe that she's limping badly on her right leg. Continuing the investigation, you will find the stew she is cooking is strangely spiced. When asked for her key, she will tell you she sleeps on a bench in the kitchen.
* Checking the back door with a Perception check (DC 15) will tell you it's been used recently.
* Speak to the nobles from Restov. You will find out that Kabron is a basically a lawyer, though if you succeed at a 18 DC Bluff check to pretend you know some of his cases, he begins to act strangely. He also acts oddly when you speak to him of hunting, the reason he claims to have come to the Stolen Lands. If you succeed at a DC 20 Perception check when asking for their key, you will spot that Una becomes very nervous, but they nonetheless hand it over.
* A DC 20 Perception check of the chest in their room will reveal they have no hunting gear at all. If you return to them and inquire, the wife whispers in the husband's ear and then he claims that after a bad day of hunting, the husband had destroyed their hunting gear in a fit of rage.
  • Return to Kesten to choose someone to accuse.
* If you choose wrong, the right one will make themselves known afterward and attack you after summoning 4 Redcaps.
Tsanna is the priest of Lamashtu.
  • After defeating them, you will be given the choice of what to do, both with the priest and the guests at the lodge.