Wilderness Encounter (Stefano Moskoni)

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Wilderness Encounter (Stefano Moskoni) is is a location in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Background[edit | edit source]

This location is the site of a random encounter during the quest Troll Trouble. There is no specific trigger for the encounter other than traveling in the Dire Narlmarches.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This encounter can happen at any point during the Troll Trouble quest line, but it will only happen once. This encounter is a scripted event by its nature, but there is no specific trigger for its appearance. The player is given a couple options during this encounter after saving Stefano:
    1. (Lawful Good) The player expresses their content in being able to rescue Stefano.
    2. (Chaotic Good) The player gives Stefano a backhanded compliment on his fighting prowess.
    3. (Neutral Evil) The player expresses their regret for assisting Stefano and his companions.
  • Any of these options lead Stefano to telling the player that there is great potential in their upcoming barony. Enough potential that he may suggest to King Irovetti that the player's barony is worthy of becoming a vassal, which leads the player to another array of alignment responses:
    1. (Lawful Neutral) The player compliments Stefano for his honesty, then lets him go.
    2. (Chaotic Neutral) The player tells Stefano he can't be allowed to leave after revealing that information, and enters combat.
    3. (Neutral Evil) The player insults Stefano, and enters combat.
  • Whether the player lets Stefano go after hearing what he has to say is up to them. He was rather rude during their first encounter, but will show a much higher opinion of the baron and their lands after this encounter. Good players may be inclined to let Stefano go, which will help them out a bit far in the future in Chapter V during The Rushlight Tournament, while evil players may be tempted to kill Stefano for his earlier disrespect and to collect his rather nice loot, including his weapons Deadly Grace and Lightning Duelist. King Irovetti will bring up Stefano's disappearance on the baron's land during The Rushlight Tournament if he is slain, which will increase the DC of a skill check, but will otherwise have no long term consequences.

Enemies & Drops[edit | edit source]

Stefano Moskoni

Bodyguard x3

Branded Troll x2

  • Jade x1
  • Citrine x1
  • Gold Coins x23

Troll x2

  • Clear Quartz x1
  • Gold Coins x23

Loot[edit | edit source]