Wild Hunt Link

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Wild Hunt Link

Wild Hunt Link is an ability in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Effect[edit | edit source]

  • The monarch can maintain a wild hunt link to a range of 1 mile. He expands the range of the Wild Hunt link ability for all members of the wild hunt to 1 mile as well, allowing the hunters to spread out with almost a mile between them without breaking their connection. All members of a monarch’s Wild Hunt link gain regeneration 10; this regeneration cannot be suppressed as long as the Wild Hunt's monarch lives.
  • For Wild Hunt Scouts: All creatures in a Wild Hunt scout’s wild hunt link share each other’s senses. As long as a creature benefits from this link, it gains a +4 insight bonus on initiative and Perception checks. If at least one creature in the link disbelieves an illusion, all creatures in the link can see through the illusion. Wild Hunt fey in a link are never considered flat-footed against a foe unless all of them are considered flat-footed against that foe.
  • For Wild Hunt Archers: The weapon attacks and natural attacks of all creatures in a Wild Hunt archer’s linked party ignore miss chances from concealment, as long as they target the correct square.