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Whether born naturally or afflicted with the curse of lycanthropy, weretigers are lycanthropes who can switch between humanoid and tiger form. They are one of the most feared types of lycanthrope.

Like all lycanthropes, weretigers have three forms - a humanoid form, a tiger form and a hybrid form. A weretiger in tiger form looks like a normal animal, although often a particularly strong and tough specimen. Perceptive observers may spot a creature has more than animal intelligence. Afflicted weretigers in humanoid form keep their previous appearance (although they often take on a tiger-like grace). Nature weretigers tend have large eyes, long noses and sharp cheekbones, and tend towards brown or red hair. Weretigers can also take on a hybrid form which combines their humanoid form with tiger-like features. In this form they gain a tail, striped fur and a feline face complete with sharp teeth.

Weretigers are generally solitary in nature, coming together only to breed. They enjoy the thrill of the hunt, and those of an evil disposition find that intelligent prey provides the biggest thrill of all. Most weretigers believe they have a divine right to rule over lesser "prey" creatures, and seek to care out as large a domain as possible. They brook no rivals, and as a result natural weretigers are most commonly found alone, or sometimes as a mated pair. Larger groups are extremely rare. Natural weretigers might create afflicted weretigers to serve as henchmen, only to dispose of them once they have served their purpose.