Waterlogged Lowlands

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Description[edit | edit source]

''A gloomy, soggy lowland leading into a swamp. Travelers avoid this place - the swamp is dangerous on its own, but it also tends to attract monsters and other unpleasant creatures.''

This is a book event location.

The player's party will be subjected to several skill checks in this illustrated book episode:

  1. [Athletics 14] against a random party member to prevent them from being sucked into the muck of the swamp; failure sickens the party member for two days.
  2. [Knowledge (World) 17] to identify sculptures around the hut in the swamp.
  3. [Mobility 16] or [Strength 15] to get through the thicket collapsing around the party.
  4. [Lore (Religion) 15] to identify the idol in the swamp.
  5. [Fortitude 18] (Chaotic Evil) if the player chooses to eat the dragonfly. Failure will poison the player's main character with Swampseer Poison, and reduce the experience reward.

If the party reaches the idol they are given an array of alignment choices on how they interact with the idol:

  1. (Lawful Good) will allow the player to destroy the idol, but will curse the entire party with the Curse of Feeble Body.
  2. (Neutral) has no effect on the party.
  3. (Chaotic Evil) allows a party member to eat the dragonfly that appears at the idol; this will give the party member a vision from the demon lord Gogunta about the boggards who built the idol, and of the plague that wiped them out for keeping plunders for themselves rather than using them for an offering. This will allow the party to retrieve and Emerald seen in the vision.

Loot[edit | edit source]