Warpainted Skull of Duthica

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Warpainted Skull of Duthica
Lauded among the warring tribes of lowlanders, Duthica was more of a myth than a man, alledgedly a title passed down through the years in place of a name. Descriptions range from a tall, blonde man wielding an axe, to a short bearded man with dark hair who tore his enemies apart with his bare hands – the only shared trait common to all depictions being the red warpaint on the right side of his face.
Whether or not it belongs to Duthica, the spirit residing in this skull is filled with murderous rage towards his enemies, and imbues its wearer with his ferocity.
This helmet allows the wearer to enter a Rage as a barbarian, and summons two Barbarian spirits to help them in combat for 20 rounds once per day. The legacy of Duthica will not yield its power to the weak, and characters with less than 15 Strength cannot equip it.
10 lbs. 10,500 Coin.png

Warpainted Skull of Duthica is a magic helmet in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Source[edit | edit source]

Found in a hidden (Perception 35 to notice) and locked (Trickery 33 to open) container on the second level of Armag's Tomb. In the southeastern room with a trap (Perception 32 to notice, Trickery 32 to disarm). You can find this place during The Twice-Born Warlord main quest.