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During The Varnhold Vanishing chapter. A throne room event Linzi's Friends
Old Sycamore
Companion quest
1425 - 2040 xp (depending on your choices)
Previous Quest
Easier to Ask Forgiveness...

Turncoats is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Professor Eobald the Insightful is one of the wisest, most respected members of the Pitaxian Academy of the Arts! He opened my eyes to the higher calling of a bard, to the power of the word and the responsibility it places on the shoulders of a writer. (That's a horrible line — my teacher would give me a terrible grade for that... No matter, I'll fix it later). Imagine my surprise when I found out this pillar of education had been expelled from the academy! Even his students were forced to flee King Irovetti's wrath! We have a duty to help them!

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Find Eobald and his students near the Old Sycamore[edit | edit source]

  • Irovetti's cutthroats caught my old teacher near the Old Sycamore. If we hurry, we might still have time to intercept them!
  • IMPORTANT!!!:Make sure to have Linzi in your party first. Then proceed to "The Old Sycamore" map. Go to the top left area of the map.

There you'll meet a gathering of bards forced to play music by Aesh the Free Shepherd and his centipedes. Start the conversation and exaust all "question" options, what opens you some more choices. After asking all the questions you'll be able to solve the situation peacefully either by using (Diplomacy 19 + 10 rations = +525 xp), (Intimidate 28 = +840 xp), (Bluff 30 = +810 xp) or by a bit of the old ultraviolence (+225 xp for defeating the mite and his centipedes + some very minor loot). Then talk to Eobald the Insightful for another chunk of experience (+1200 xp).

Conversation by itself reveals some interesting moments about Linzi's past. After which you have the choices of alignment flavor: to forgive Alondi, expel him, or threaten to kill him right on place (in this case he just runs away).

Outcome[edit | edit source]

The joy of meeting my old teacher again was spoiled a bit by meeting an old bully, too... On a more cheerful note, the important thing is that Eobald the Insightful is safe and sound — he'll be living in the capital now! And not just that, he offered to coauthor a book revealing Irovetti's atrocities! Our names on the same cover... I'm beside myself with joy! Hurry, let's get to work!