Torn Book

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Torn Book
64 x 64
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Torn Book is a document in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

The book is torn and covered in mud. Very little of the text survived – just a small fragment of a page spread:

"...and this phenomenon is quite similar to what transpires in the Stolen Lands, at a place the local populace refers to as the 'Ghost Stone'. It is a hill, surrounded by forest and crowned by a gigantic stone. The people say that at night, the hilltop emanates bright light, while the hill itself is shrouded by a thick fog swarming with eerie, sinister shadows. The stone has resided at the hilltop since time immemorial; and those who could have recounted its tale or read the dead language of its inscriptions have long passed away. However, possessing a most intimate knowledge of the history of Avistan, I can claim, with full certainty, that it is one of those places where the veil separating the planes of existence grows especially thin. It is for this reason that portals to other worlds open in such places, through which all manner of mysterious creatures can travel. The folk tales show overwhelming evidence of this: the fog, the strange shadows, the noises. The Stolen Lands abound with such legends like no other part of this world, but for the dangers that await the would-be explorers in this wilderness, it is exceeding difficult to investigate such accounts with due rigor."

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