Tiger's Stripes

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Tiger's Stripes
Hide Armor
Armor Class
Armor Penalty
Spell Failure
Max Dexterity
Enhancement +5
See below.
This +5 hide armor grants its wearer the ability to turn into a Smilodon at will. While in this form, their natural weapons get a +5 enhancement bonus.
25 lbs. 31,250 Coin.png

Tiger's Stripes is a magic armor in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Source[edit | edit source]

Recreated by the Storyteller once all the Piece of Skymetal are brought to him.

Story[edit | edit source]

This armor, made of a saber-toothed tiger pelt, was enchanted under the Blood Moon on the summit of a sacred mountain. Bearing secret runes and forgotten symbols, it was in the possession of Dwarg's family for several generations. His grandfather, Aghar the Fierce, wore this armor while hunting a dragon - only the armor and three of his warriors returned, though carrying the dragon's head along with them. Dwarg's mother, Idra the Crusher, wore it to fight giants - and many was the time when, in contemplation, Dwarg would touch a small dent in the armor, left by a giant's sword as it decapitated his mother.

From his ancestors, Dwarg inherited the armor, but not their fierce nature. The artifact resided peacefully in his tent as he earned glory of his own - not from feats in the battlefield, but with wise advice and cunning deals. He was dubbed Dwarg the Reasonable, and after yet another chieftain met his glorious death on the battlefield beside a hundred other warriors, the elders chose Dwarg to be their new leader.

There were many who were less than happy with Dwarg's leadership - under his rule, there were fewer victories and epic battles. They took to calling him a 'sheeptain,' claiming he'd betrayed Gorum. So it surprised no one when he was challenged by a young fighter with burning eyes known as Armag.

For the first time in many years, Dwarg donned his family armor, stepped into the circle, and clenched a sword into his wrinkled hands. 'He'll be their ruin,' he thought, as Armag's blade pierced his long rage-free heart. The new chieftain threw the corpse of the old, still clad in his family armor, to the smilodons. Songs of Armag's deeds are sung to this day, while the name of his predecessor went forgotten for thousands of years. That is, until heroes and sages of a new era restored his armor.