Thylacine (encyclopedia)

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Thylacines are wolf- or hyena-like marsupial carnivores. Feral and untameable, thylacines can be vicious predators.

Though similar in appearance to dogs or wolves, a thylacine is much more slenderly built, with a long, stiff tail, and powerful jaws. The oddly-shaped legs of a thylacine are ill-suited to running, but allow the creatures to stand on their haunches for short periods of time, as well as conferring some jumping ability. Thylacines typically have between 13 and 21 dark stripes on their backs that stand out from their usually golden-colored pelts.

Thylacines hunt alone or in small packs, slowly wearing down their prey over long chases. They are timid creatures when faced with larger foes and prefer to avoid fights, though when faced starvation they have been known to take down much larger prey, including humanoids. Most thylacines are almost impossible to tame. The creatures lair in small dens in trees or caves.