Thundering Claw of the Bear God

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Thundering Claw of the Bear God
2 ft. Melee
1d6 Slashing
+1d6 Sonic
+1d6 Electricity
+4 enhancement
18-20 (x2)
Enhancement +4
Wrath of the Bear God
The bear god Taranis, a relatively unknown kobold deity, bestowed this unusual scimitar to the heroic bear-riding kobold cavalier Radan, as a reward for his bravery and unshakeable faith. A few small kobold tribes in the Stolen Lands worship Taranis for teaching the kobolds agriculture and medecine, despite the lack of divine powers received by any worshipper. Additionally, the apparent lack of any knowledge of agriculture or medecine in said tribes might be a sign that faith in Taranis originated elsewhere. Small text in the Draconic language of kobolds is engraved on the sheath, saying Swipe before bite - one of the many obscure commandments of the Bear God.
Thundering Claw of the Bear God is a +4 Shock Thundering Scimitar. Any creature struck by a critical hit from this scimitar or its wielder's natural attack becomes the target of lightning, as per call lightning storm spell (5d6 damage, 24 DC Reflex half).
All natural attacks from both the wielder of this scimitar and and the wielder's animal companion have concussive and shocking modifiers applied to them. If the wielder is wild shaped into a bear or if their animal companion is a bear, the sonic and electrical damage from their attacks is increased to 1d10.
4 lbs. 20,500 Coin.png

Thundering Claw of the Bear God is a magic weapon in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Source[edit | edit source]

Can be found on the Giggling Hill location. On a dead body behind the portal to the First World. Together with Amulet of Agile Fists +4.