The missing pages from the diary of Farnirras the Pensive

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The missing pages from the diary of Farnirras the Pensive
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The missing pages from the diary of Farnirras the Pensive is a book in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]


An unfortunate incident. Yesterday some thieves managed to break into tower! They tried to free some of my test subjects. I do hate it when someone encroaches on my property. I hate it even more when useful resources are wasted. - The guardian golem and my protective spells killed five of the thieves before I had time to intervene. The sixth is still alive, and I hope he'll make it. A half-orc-sorcerer is exactly what I need for my experiments - perhaps the spells will work differently on him."


I've turned all the dead thieves into zombies. Then I pitted them against the will-o'-wisps and watched them fight through the window. It was a bit of fun, at least."


One of the test subjects was killed when I was trying to artificially slow the process of turning undead, with the intention of documenting all the stages precisely. Everything didn't go as planned. I think I shall repeat the experiment again in a week - and maybe this time I'll use the elven girl as a test subject. Her longer lifspan may, in theory, affect the duration of certain processes."


Today my test subjects have escaped. All of them! They acted so nimbly I hadn't noticed a thing when I went down to the cellar to prepare the next experiment. Well, the golem is malfunctioning - that's odd but within reason. But how did they manage to circumvent my whole system of protective spells?! I couldn't even identify which way they went after leaving the tower. It's obvious that some arcanist helped them escape - someone as capable as myself. Which is outstanding in itself! But even more surprising is that I didn't find him in a company of escapees, once I finally caught up with them. The fools ran into a wyvern's nest and nearly all of them perished. The only one I managed to save was the elven girl. She almost threw herself at me in relief, but then when she looked into my eyes, she shrieked and fainted."


After so much effort spent saving the elven girl, it was a pity I had to kill her. But time is of the essence. - After all the strange things that happened in the tower, I don't want to delay the ritual of phylactery creation. The last thing I need is a failure at the final stage - with two dozen years of hard work and my potential immortality at stake."


I must find out what's going on. It's impossible that my unknown enemy is so much stronger and craftier than I!"


The alchemy storage was not only burned to the ground. - Many ingredients were stolen before the rest was destroyed. Many artifacts were also stolen... I have a good idea of what purpose these will be put to. So, you steal from me, and you prepare a trap for me as well! But who are you? I'll find out. I'll most certainly find out."

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