The Varnhold Vanishing

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The Varnhold Vanishing
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The Varnhold Vanishing is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The Swordlords require our help. This time, the baron(ess) must travel east, and discover what happened to another vassal of the Aldori – Maegar Varn, a brave warrior who founded the colony of Varnhold.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Reach Varnhold[edit | edit source]

  • Strange news from Restov: it seems that Maegar Varn, our closest neighbor, and someone who'd been quite kind to the baron(ess) in the past, has suddenly become reclusive, cutting off all communication with the outside world. Jamandi Aldori wants an explanation for this silence, but she can't be bothered to travel to Varnhold herself. Instead, she makes it our baron(ess)'s job to figure everything out!
  • Varnhold is a ghost town – there's not a single soul in sight! We should look around and find out where everyone's gone.
  • Discover what happened to Varnhold's inhabitants
  • It seems all of Varnhold's troubles began after Willas Gunderson explored that terrifying tomb in the dead of night, and brought a mysterious bracelet back to town. We have to figure out where that trinket came from, and where it went – along with the town's inhabitants!
  • The leader of the spriggans occupying Varnhold claimed that it was empty when they got there. The scoundrel must be lying... right? If not, then who or what drove the spriggans from their home?
  • The spriggan leader mentioned that his tribe was forced from their own lair. We should figure out what's stalking these woods – and what's capable of scaring even monsters away.
  • \Vordakai\ – this cryptic word must be connected to everything going on around here. But what – or who – is this Vordakai?

Enter Vordakai's tomb[edit | edit source]

  • That mysterious raven that's been following the baron(ess) since Varnhold has delivered a message from Vordakai: the annihilator of that unfortunate town wishes to meet with us personally. We're to head for his \sanctuarrry\ and find out what Vordakai did with the population of the entire town.

Enter Vordakai's tomb[edit | edit source]

  • That strange raven that's been following the baron(ess) these past few days came with an invitation from Vordakai, the unmaker of Varnhold. There's no time to lose! – There may yet be hope of saving the townsfolk, if we can deal with that villain!

Search Vordakai's tomb[edit | edit source]

  • The doors of Vordakai's grim, ancient abode lie open to us. Will we be able to find our way back out of this ghastly grave? Well, there's no time to worry about that now – we have to discover what happened to Varnhold, and whether its inhabitants can still be saved!

Outcome[edit | edit source]

The past should stay in the past. The baron(ess) put an end to the cyclops empire, just as it was struggling to rise from the ashes, securing his/her rule over the land. – Both his/her own land, and the lands of Maegar Varn. But the baron(ess) already has enough trouble on his/her hands without additional territories and the duties they bring: traitors have infiltrated the ranks of his/her most trusted companions!

Note : It is possible to go through Varnhold/Stockade/Interior without killing any Spriggan. For the first area, simply head to the stockade without going to the west side of the town. For the stockade, you have to enter from the right side of the fort, cast invisibility spells/potions on all your characters before. Inside the stockade just head for the building door while invisible, there is a Spriggan patrolling, but he can be passed by waiting/being quick/luck. Inside, the Spriggans in the entrance might detect you, I think it's a roll, if they don't you can simply walk up to the leader since the door will be open. In the fight against the leader Agai simply focus him, when he goes down, he will interact and you can choose to let him go. He will leave with all his men, except the ones in town. When you go through the town again, run past the water fast, since the ones in town might be patrolling to end in the middle of the water blocking your way out.