The Quest Electri

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The Quest Electri
Usable item
Caster Level
This is a magic storybook chronicling an adventuring party led by the lizardfolk sorcerer Shelburn Sparks and the human cavalier Lord Jessiahdor of Taldor. It is ever-changing and ever-growing, as new chapters are added every day by the creator Shelburn's adoptive mother the sorcerer bard Glorio Joania Sparks. The tales of all their escapades are within this book, be they glorious or infamous. It also contains the stories of their other companions - Skerple the goblin rogue, Sir Kenneth Cowannan the human wizard, Ristuf Brulston the dwarf barbarian, and Wolfgang Hypeton the kitsune slayer.
Owner of this book reads one new chapter every time on rest, granting a benefit until the next rest depending on which companion the chapter described, chapter selected randomly.

The Chapter about Shelburn grants an ability to cast Fireball 3 times (caster level 10, DC 18) this day. The chapter about Lord Jessiahdor grants a +5 competence bonus to Persuasion and Use Magic Device checks. The chapter about Skerple allows the owner to deal 1 additional damage on each sneak attack damage die. The chapter about Wolfgang Hypeton grants +10 competence bonus to Stealth checks. The chapter about Ristof Brulston grants an ability to make a target Rage, as a barbarian, for 6 rounds 3 times this day. The chapter about Kenneth Cowannan grants an ability to Lightning Bolt 3 times (caster level 10, DC 18) this day.

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The Quest Electri is a magic item in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

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