The Price of Curiosity

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The Price of Curiosity
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Companion quest

The Price of Curiosity is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

We are going to a mysterious event — the Inconsequent Debates — to help Jubilost find out why and how the gnomes left the First World!

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Attend the debates[edit | edit source]

  • The debates await! We need to get to the place, and quickly!

The Inconsequent Debates are located south-west from Oleg's Trading Post and north from Thorn Ford.

It's northeast->north->north->northeast->north->northwest->north->west->northwest->north->northeast->southeast from the Capital.

You need to have only two more people in your party: Jubilost and Linzi

Read the rules[edit | edit source]

  • The rules must be hanging around here somewhere. We need to read them so we can begin!

The rules are written on three signs, each of them is rigged in its own way. From left to right: first - turns a participant (Jubilost) into a giant frog, second - makes a participant say "TENTACLES" at least every ten words, third - a participant must routinely enter desperate screaming fits. With a Perception 20 check (45 exp.) you can figure out that something is wrong with these rules and start the "Find the culprit!" stage of the quest. Otherwise the debates begin immediately.

Find the culprit![edit | edit source]

  • It seems that someone charmed the rules scroll! Now there's a spell on Jubilost that's going to make his life miserable! We have to talk to the guests and find the evil trickster.

The culprit are gnomes (Nyrd Zottenropple and two frogs), but it's worth to ask another two participants (at least talk Sir Allfrey after reding the "TENTACLES" sign) just for fun. During the conversation, you can figure out Knowledge (World) 20 that Nyrd Zottenropple suffers (or, rather, dying) from the Bleaching. You can also Intimidate 30 (720 exp.) the gnomes into removing the spell from Jubilost (losing the possibility of answering "And tentacles." to the first question of debates) or leave everything as it is (Amazingly, Jubilost sighs with relief).

Win the debates![edit | edit source]

  • The local debates are, of course, not debates at all. – But we must win them nevertheless!

The host of the debates is Shyka, what is revealed with a Lore (Religon) 30 check.

To get the right of FOUR answers (best outcome), you should give all the correct answers, which require:

  1. Reading the "TENTACLES" sign (the middle one) with the rules last (or the only).
  2. NOT removing the spell from Jubilost
  3. Passing a hidden WIS 20 check on the 3rd question. It's a hard one to pass, because having 20 Wisdom, you get only +5 modifier (for checks are used stat modifier values - not the stat values!), which in sum with the roll should get 20. If you see no "It's our past." answer - you failed. Good luck!

The correct answers are given below:

  1. "What can move a mountain?" - "Jubilost, Linzi? What's our answer?" then "Its own will." (1 point) or "Its own will. And tentacles." (2 points)
  2. "What weakens when owned by many and dies if owned by none?" - "A secret." (1 point)
  3. "Each of us is born at the same time with a monster. (…) What is it?" - "It's our past." (WIS check, 1 point), "It's memory." or "What do you say, Jubilost?" then "It's knowledge." (0.5 points)
  4. "Yell on three. One, two... three!" - "Knight!" ("Dragon!" for a tie, then "DRAGON!" for a win or "Snag!" for another tie.) then any answer. (1 point)

Ask about the fate of the gnomes[edit | edit source]

  • If we're lucky enough to win the debates, we should find out why the gnomes left First World. This information is of utmost importance to Jubilost.

Discuss the events with Jubilost[edit | edit source]

  • Oh those fey! Just give them a chance and they'll confound everyone! We need to discuss with Jubilost what all this means and what we should do next.

Outcome[edit | edit source]

What an incredible adventure! We faced the First World again, passed its trials with dignity, but received as reward a riddle rather than an answer. What will be next?