The Lost Relic

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The Lost Relic
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The Lost Relic is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Looks like a mysterious relic emerged somewhere to the east of our lands. I have no clue what it is and what's its purpose, but I know for certain — we need to acquire it! At least, this way our enemies won't use it against us!

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Prior to approaching Vordakai's Tomb[edit | edit source]

  • After speaking with the sisters and the barbarians at the camp, speak separately to the Defaced Sister.
  • She should reveal to you the locations you need to head to.
  • Head to the "Forsaken Mound" go through the options, passing various skill checks, until you find the dead Defaced Sister.
  • Now head to the "Sepulchre of Forgotten Heroes".
  • Not far in, you will find Brag an injured barbarian lying on the ground. Speak to him to decide his fate.
  • Use the stone buttons on the ground to progress through the dungeon, back-tracking as needed
    • Note that some traps and other spells in this dungeon will lower your characters levels so be ware.
    • Note that it will be necessary to split your party up (into at least 3 groups) to solve the button-door puzzles.
  • Once you unlock the final (3-symbol) door and get your whole party through it, speak with the Defaced Sister.
  • Leave through the newly opened Area Exit in the east chamber of the room
  • Next, make for the "City of Hollow Eyes".
  • Once there, speak with Hilla in the camp just north-east of the entrance to the map
  • Proceed north-west to the entrance of the tomb. Examine the stone slab sealing the entrance.
  • Speak the password and then enter
  • Speak to the Defaced Sister inside and have her return to the camp outside
  • Leave the temple and then return to the camp and speak to Hilla again to receive 1220 gold coins.
  • Return to the "Kellid Barbarian Camp" and depending on your actions so far you might get some interactions to choose a side and kill the rest or simply get thrown in a fight.
  • Speak with the leader that is left after the battle.
  • Receive/take the Cyclops Incense Burners to go through Gates to the Valley of the Dead and 1380 experience.

Approach and enter Vordakai's Tomb[edit | edit source]

  • Proceed south, to the Gates to the Valley of the Dead
  • On the way you will be stopped by that irritating Raven... blah blah blah
  • Reach the gates and light the 3 Cyclops Incense Burners to open the gates and exit the area via the north "Area Exit"
  • Now continue along the trail until you reach Vordakai's Tomb.
    • Notice the obvious trapped room.
  • Speak with the Raven again
  • Open the door, escape the room, then kick some zombie cyclops arse
  • Proceed down the corridors disarming the Finger of Death traps as you go and kill some hydras
  • Pass an athletics check (DC 29) to continue to the next area
  • The bird again...
  • Kill cyclops, disarm traps
  • More traps, more cyclops
  • Continue making your way through the extensive labyrinth, killing hordes of undead and cyclops
  • Eventually you should reach Vordakai's chamber
  • Kill him and the bird (DIE BIRD DIE!)
  • Tristian appears or leaves your party and steals the Oculus of Abaddon from Vordakai. You receive 450 exp
  • Finish off Vordakai and receive another 270 exp
    • Shatter his soul jar and free Maegar Varn (Varn is in shock and can't be spoken with just yet)
    • Offer Maegar Varn's body to the lich in exchange for his services (requires evil alignment)
  • Leave the room through the north-west door to find the jars containing the souls of the villagers of Varnhold.
    • Break the jars to free the villagers. Receive 270 exp
    • Keep and sell them
  • Speak to Maegar Varn / Vordakai
  • Receive a number of barony +effects (depending on your choices) and another 320 exp
  • Leave the tomb... at last

After the tomb[edit | edit source]

  • (The quest will be on pause now for a while)
  • Eventually you'll get a message in your throne room about portals opening at Candlemere Tower and monsters pouring out
  • Go investigate
  • Talk to Tristian in the tower
  • Tristian jumps into the portal

Outcome[edit | edit source]

The Oculus of Abaddon slipped our grasp at the last possible moment! And now we've learned that Tristian played us for fools... Will we ever greet the blessed day when we'll get more answers than questions?!