The Last Page of the Diary of Farnirras the Pensive

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The Last Page of the Diary of Farnirras the Pensive
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The Last Page of the Diary of Farnirras the Pensive is a book in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]


Hello, Farnirras. I'm glad to be able to talk to you at last, though only via the written word. Have you already figured out who I am? I suspect you have, or else you wouldn't have put so much effort into hiding the phylactery.

That poor half-orc youngster cursed you, predicting you'd once meet "your worst enemy". And that's how I was born - from the pieces of your soul that you haven't yet contaminated with evil. At first I was weak, and had barely enough power to steal a moment of life from the body we shared. While you slept, I rose and wandered the tower, trying to realise who I was and what should I do. Your protective spells didn't harm me - nor could they, for I was still you. The longer I thought about it, the more clearly I realized how disgusted I was by your life and your deeds. I dreaded to contemplate what you would do after you finally completed the ritual and turned undead. Would you follow the example of the cyclopean tyrants, whose ruined palaces serve as the foundation of Iobara? Even the thought of it sickened me.

I started by trying to help your prisoners - a not entirely successful attempt, alas. But after they died, I realized that I had to do much more than that. I had to kill you... to kill both of us.

I share your curiosity, your magical powers and your ability to invent unusual solutions. But even this wasn't enough for me to rid the world of us both. You've been fussing over your life too much, and you carefully tangled cocoon of protective spells would save us from every sort of potential danger. It would take days for me to try to untangle this web we'd created with our common hands. Besides, this might have made you suspicious and put you on alert - so I just had to remain undetected put my own plan in motion. In the short time I was awake, I worked over every piece of this magical prison, with our common phylactery being the key to it. I've enchanted the door so it will destroy the key after being opened, and would open only to the strongest monster-slayer. I developed a system of tests, to make ensure the one who would someday open this door would be capable enough. After all, he or she would have to face you in the end.

Well, my plan has worked. I've managed to lock us in here, inside this ancient cyclopean barrow. Our dear Iobaria was built upon the ruins of Koloran, and under this ruins, you and I will spend the upcoming years and ages. Some day, everything will work out as I have planned. Someone able to cut you down will enter this vault. I came to this world for one purpose only - to prepare my own death. And I cannot wait for this moment to finally come."

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