The Key to the Magical Prison

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The Key to the Magical Prison
64 x 64
A patterned key you found in the in the laboratory of Farnirras the Pensive. The letter you've found in Farnirras laboratory suggests that the door to his magical prison won't open until someone defeats fourty-five certain powerful creatures. The key has a spell on it that shows the exact number of creatures left. When the number of it's "charges" reaches zero, the door could be opened.
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Magical Prison
0.5 lbs. 0 Coin.png

The Key to the Magical Prison is a quest item in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Use[edit | edit source]

After killing 45 monsters during the Magical Prison quest, you can open the door in the Lonely Barrow location with it. The number of "charges" left in the ingame description of the item shows the quantity of the creatures left to kill.

Source[edit | edit source]

Found together with the Unholy Flail +4, Message from the laboratory of Farnirras and Diary of Farnirras the Pensive in the hidden (in your Capital) underwell laboratory of Farnirras after the Uncanny Well throne room event.