The Heart of Ira

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The Heart of Ira
An inscription on the necklace states: "To other Potential Kings, every kindness will be paid in kind and every evil will be paid in time. Vilmund." The legend says, it was created by a ritualist Vilmund using the blood of a nuckelavee, the head of a duck, and the left hand of a paladin. This necklace of purest silver has a single deep green gem set in the center. The gem is of unknown origin, and no jeweler has ever been has ever been able to determine where it came from or what exactly it is. The name of each user is etched into the necklace as it is worn and used.
The wearer of the necklace becomes immune to fatigue and exhaustion, and can activate the necklace to surround himself with an aura of nothingness. While the aura is activated, creatures adjacent to the wearer take 2d6 damage per round and must succeed on a DC 17 Reflex saving throw to avoid becoming fatigued.
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The Heart of Ira is a magic necklace in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

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