Tessie the Quill

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Tessie the Quill
Tuskdale (capital city)

Tessie the Quill is a merchant character in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Wares[edit | edit source]

Item Price
"Cooking Almanac of the Inner Sea" by Jubilost Narthropple (x2) 40 Coin.png
"Eternal Sunshine. A Pilgrim's Journal." 40 Coin.png
"Fairy Tales of Avistan" 45 Coin.png
"Fighting the Bleaching: Practical Guidance" by Guisa Nordequanni 50 Coin.png
"Great Detective Izamir Grimblock: the Case of Six Invisibles" (x5) 60 Coin.png
"Guide for Travelers, Hunters, and Explorers of the River Kingdoms. Volume 5: Monsters and Beasts." 60 Coin.png
"How to Save Pitax?" (x5) 35 Coin.png
"Legend of the Archknights of Avistan", Vol. 1 (x5) 60 Coin.png
"Legend of the Archknights of Avistan", Vol. 2 (x5) 60 Coin.png
"The Adventures of Captain Ellena: In Search of the Cyclops Lord's Scepter" (x5) 65 Coin.png
"The Categories of Space and Time in the Classical Numerian Saga" (x5) 50 Coin.png
"The Chains of Conscience: Memoirs of Those Arrested for Sedition" (x5) 35 Coin.png
"The Curse of Ancient Iobaria" by Hastef Umme 50 Coin.png
"The Generous Patron of the Arts." A play in 2 acts. (x5) 35 Coin.png
"The Legend of the Pathfinder" by Aren Roarvie 60 Coin.png
"The Notes of a Traveling Priest: Ilthuliak" by Tyrin Dean 50 Coin.png
"The River Freedoms" 60 Coin.png
"The Tragic Love Story of the Noble Maid Rosalinta and Ginratti Badbassor, the Night Bloodsucker" (x5) 55 Coin.png
"The Written Word on the Execution Block" (x5) 40 Coin.png
"Through the Eyes of the Ancients: A Monumental Painting from the First Century of the Age of Enthronement" (x5) 45 Coin.png
"What Flagrent Impudence! 101 Limericks about King Irovetti" (x5) 25 Coin.png

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