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Infobox item
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An infobox for non-weapon, non-shield, and non-armor items.


{{infobox item
| name     = 
| type     = 
| image    = 
| size     = 
| target   = 
| uses     = 
| duration = 
| clevel   = 
| dc       = 
| desc     = 
| effect   = 
| quest    = 
| code     = 
| weight   = 
| value    = 
| cat      = 


Parameter Options Notes
name text The name to display on the infobox. Default is page name. Optional. If listed, this parameter will be available via the "name" variable.
type text The type of the item. For example, "Ring", "Boots", or "Potion". Optional.
Currently the only function input is "document", which will trigger automatic categorization.
image image file name The image file to use in the infobox.
size #x#px The size to make the thumbnail image specified above. Default is 250x250px. Optional.
target text The valid target(s) and/or target conditions for the item, including conditions such as range. Optional.
uses # The number of times the item can be used. Optional.
duration text The duration of the item, once used. Optional.
clevel # The effective caster level, for usable items. Optional.
dc # The DC for use of the item. Optional.
desc text The description of the item, as shown in game. Optional. If type is set to one of the document types and this is left undefined, it will display a link to the "Text" header.
effect text Any special effects of the item. Optional.
quest link Any quests that involve this item. Requires manual linking. Optional.
code text The game's item code, if known. Optional.
weight # The weight of the item, in pounds.
value # The value of the item, in gold coins.
cat _ / no If set to "no" it will disable automatic categorization.