Star Soldier's Gauntlet

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Star Soldier's Gauntlet
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This gauntlet grants its wearer +8 enhancement bonus to Strength and the ability to use a laser beam that deals 4d6 damage at will.
2 lbs. 27,500 Coin.png

Star Soldier's Gauntlet is a set of magic gloves in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Source[edit | edit source]

Recreated by the Storyteller once all the Piece of Skymetal are brought to him.

Story[edit | edit source]

A century ago, an ambitious Technic League arcanist known as Jennes visited Glenebon in search of a powerful relic, described to him by a mysterious fey who had visited him in a dream. He took many slaves - as well as a few apprentices to help keep the slaves in line. More importantly, Jennes was armed with a mighty artifact - a glove that could fire deadly rays and crush the bones of rebels like eggshells.

Among the slaves was an old craftsman, a halfling by the name of Reed, valued not for his strength, but for his knowledge - he had spent many years excavating starship ruins, and he was well versed in both magic and technology. While the other slaves scoured the plains in search of the mysterious artifact, Reed secretly watched the master and his minions, plotting an escape. Finally, in the dead of night, the slaves managed to steal away the magic glove from Jennes's tent. After digging into the elaborate mechanism, Reed disabled the defense circuit and gave the artifact to the youngest and strongest of the slaves.

It took mere minutes for the young slave to eradicate the Technic League arcanists. But when his comrades asked to be unchained, the young man grinned. 'Set you free? Why, now that I'm a free man, I'll need my own slaves!'

Hearing this, Reed sighed heavily, drew a small remote control from his pocket, and pressed its button. The glove shattered in a powerful explosion, scattering shards of the artifact all over Glenebon. As for the former slaves, they found shelter and freedom in the River Kingdoms.