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Spriggan are descendants of the gnomes who first left the First World. Known as the Lonely Ones by other gnomes, they are the descendants of those gnomes who warped their bodies and minds too far in an attempt to resist the Bleaching.

The spriggans are the survivors of the original gnome immigrants who drew inspiration from the dark side of Golarion rather than community and creativity. Their natural curiosity has been warped into a feral cunning and obsession with survival. Occasionally, gnomes will attempt to redeem their dark kin, but there is no evidence this is ever successful.

Spriggans resemble ugly gnomes with an alien, feral appearance. Many are gaunt and haggard. When magically enlarged, they look the same except much more hale and muscular. At will a spriggan can change his size between Small and Large.

Variations[edit | edit source]