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A-C[edit | edit source]

A battle round lasts for 6 seconds. There are different types of actions that your
character can perform in a round. Most of them, like standard actions and move actions,
take about 3 seconds, while swift actions and free actions don't take any time at all.
A good rest will remove the "fatigued" and "exhausted" conditions.
A good tactic is to send the party member with the highest Armor
(AC) into battle first. That way, enemies will focus their
attacks on the most armorer companion.
A mystery surrounds King Castruccio Irovetti's accession to the
throne of Pitax. Rumors say that some greater power helped him rise
to power and hide any traces of villainy and trickery.
A swift action is an action that doesn't require any time to perform.
However, you can use only one swift action in a round. In
comparison, free actions are not limited by time or number of uses.
A thousand years ago, a catastrophe known as Earthfall destroyed entire civilizations on
Golarion. Among them was the great cyclops empire. Modern cyclopes are but a shadow
of their powerful ancestors, as they've lost all their knowledge and returned to lives of
fierce savagery.
About two hundred years ago, the countries of Rostland and Issia existed within the
territory that is now modern Brevoy. Blood conquest united them into one state,
though it failed to erase their differences, and Rostland still strives for its independence.
Armag, an ancient chieftain of the Numerian barbarians, was the chosen of Gorum,
the merciless god of war. Legends say that no one was able to defeat Armag in battle
until Pharasma, the goddess of death, sent her servants to kill him, enraging his patron.
Certain spells and abilities have "permanent" effects (e.g., permanent
blindness. That doesn't mean that they can't be removed or cured,
only that they don't have a fixed duration.
Consider choosing advisors that suit your alignment, beliefs, and
views. If you disregard an advisor's option too often, sooner or later
they'll leave the position.
Creatures capable of regeneration are very hard to kill. However, most of them
have some form of vulnerability. For example, the monstrous crag linnorm can
be killed with cold iron weapons – this metal stops the creature's regeneration.
Cults dedicated to dangerous, dark deities like Lamashtu and Urgathoa
are proscribed in many countries across Golarion. However, the church
of Asmodeus has managed to coexist with the worshipers of good deities.

D-F[edit | edit source]

Daemons, demons, and devils are three different types of
creatures, each evil and dangerous in their own way.
Destroying its phylactery won't kill a lich immediately, but it is
necessary to defeat the monster.
Don't forget to empower your party with items, spells, or abilities
before challenging encounters.
Drinking a potion is a move action and takes approximately 3
seconds, but you can still cast a spell or make a single attack in the
same round.
During the game, you'll meet friendly clerics – namely, Jhod
and Arsinoe – who can heal or resurrect your companions
for a fee.
Each of your companions has a favorite food recipe. Cooking that
recipe at camp will grant that companion a useful temporary bonus
Encumbrance slows you down and makes you an easy target for
enemy attacks. Take only what you need.
Fey are native inhabitants of the First World. A large variety of
different creatures fall under this category. Dryads, satyrs, and even
those cruel little mites are all fey.
Fey creatures dying in the First World always return to life, though they
tend to lose most of their powers and abilities. This makes the fey careless
or even cruel, not appreciating their own lives or the lives of other creatures.
Flank your enemies for maximum damage. A creature is considered
flanked if two or more creatures are attacking it at the same time.

G-J[edit | edit source]

"Gods think of us mortals as dogs to be trained, but we can still surprise them."
Salim Ghadafar
Having a tough time with casters or archers? Try using the
"Charge" basic ability.
Healing spells are deadly to undead creatures, and vice versa –
inflict wounds and similar spells heal the undead and harm living
Holding Shift+Space enables tactical time flow, slowing down the
flow of time in combat and allowing you to control your party's
actions with increased precision.
If you are overencumbered (and not on a random encounter map),
you can drop some items and come back later to pick them up.
If you fail a Trickery check to open a chest, try a different character
or return to try again at a higher level.
If you feel it's too dark in the dungeon, cast a light spell on one of
your companions or break out the torches.
If you find the encounter too challenging, feel free to adjust the battle
difficulty at the Options menu. Same goes for the Kingdom development.
You can even turn it to auto-mode if you prefer to focus on adventuring.
If your character is repeatedly missing the enemy, try toggling off
combat abilities like Power Attack or Defensive Fighting, or try using
effects that grant a bonus on attack rolls.
If your kingdom is destroyed, the game will be over.
"Just do what you consider right and let others discuss it. You know, not everyone gets a
chance to become a baron, so discussing a baron's actions is actually all the unlucky ones
can do."
Jubilost Narthropple

K-P[edit | edit source]

Make sure you fill all available governing positions with appropriate
candidates. You can't develop your kingdom without capable advisors.
The Treasurer position is especially important, since it boosts Economy.
Metamagic is a useful tool that can make your favorite spells more powerful.
However, metamagic spells require higher caster levels than normal spells.
Make sure your character's level is high enough before trying to use them.
Pharasma's followers despise any intervention in a soul's afterlife –
except for resurrection. Creating an undead is the greatest sacrilege in
their eyes.
Press "Space" to skip dialog or banter when the party makes
Press G to cancel current actions. If combat AI is on, characters will
act according to their AI pattern.
Press H to make characters hold position. They will continue to
attack enemies with long-range weapons and spells.
Press Tab to highlight interactable objects.

R-T[edit | edit source]

Ranged attacks have serious penalties if you use them in melee.
The Precise Shot feat removes those penalties.
Ranged attacks with weapons or spells against a target engaged in melee
combat suffer a crippling -4 penalty. This makes the Precise Shot feat, which
removes this penalty, very important for both archers and spellcasters.
Rest at Oleg's Trading Post or your Capital to remove the death's
Right-click a spell or ability on the action panel to activate their
automatic use in combat. This spell or ability will be used instead of
a standard attack action.
Right-clicking on a roll result in the combat log will display how
that roll was achieved.
Rogues can use their Sneak Attack to inflict additional damage.
Some diseases, poisons, and spells can deal damage directly to your character's
ability scores. You can use lesser restoration or similar spells to heal such
damage. Camping can also heal ability damage at a rate of 1 ability point per rest.
Some enemies you meet while exploring the Stolen Lands will be
resistant or even immune to certain damage types. Be sure to keep
alternate weapons and spells at hand.
Sometimes running away and coming back later is a good idea –
the Stolen Lands are dangerous even for experienced adventurers!
Soul eaters become more dangerous if they know their victim's
Soul eaters and some daemons can consume a living creature's
soul, making its resurrection a difficult task.
Storms and bad weather greatly affect the game world.
Teamwork feats can make your party very powerful. Don't ignore
The Aldori Swordlords are neither a noble family nor a warrior order, but rather an
irregular combination of the two. Disciples who successfully complete their swordlord
training and swear an oath then take on the Aldori surname, as well as gaining some noble
"The End Times are nigh."
"The first of the River Freedoms – 'Say What you Will, I Live Free.'
It doesn't mean you won't get beaten up for what you say, though!"
Elina the innkeeper
The legacy of angels and other supernatural ancestors can show up
in distant progeny – thus, an aasimar child may be born to a family
of two ordinary humans.
The River Kingdoms are by no means a unified nation, but rather a
constantly shifting group of city-states and fiefdoms, each at war with
the others both to gain more power and to prevent their own demise.
"There are two kinds of issues that the ruler must address: boring ones and
amusing ones. The bright side: you have servants and advisors to handle all
the boring problems!"
Lander Lebeda
There are two types of kingdom events – problems and opportunities.
Address problems first – they can cause your kingdom great damage
if ignored. Missing an opportunity won't hurt your kingdom.
Torches can be used to deal AoE fire damage. Swarms hate
Trolls can be killed with fire or acid. Usually.
True dragons can live up to a thousand years or more, becoming
more powerful with each year's passing. Usually, "elder dragon"
basically means "more dangerous dragon."

U-Z[edit | edit source]

Use 'Ctrl' to unsnap your Area of Effect (AoE) spells from the target. If
this option is already active, use 'Ctrl' to snap AoE spell to the target
Use light weapons for two-weapon fighting – they have lower
Use the resist energy spell when facing an enemy with powerful
elemental attack.
When in doubt. Save.
"Who claims the land – claims its pain and its death."
– Mad prophet
Will-o'wisps are well protected against magic attacks. However,
you can hit them with magic missile.
Wizards, magi, and eldritch scoundrels can update their spellbooks
by coping spells from scrolls into them. Right-click on a scroll to
copy its spell.
You can autolevel your character and companions using our pregenerated
builds. Just choose "Premade Build" during character creation and in the level-up
menu. Note: Once you make a change to a pregenerated build, the autolevel
options will become unavailable.
You can cure blindness with a scroll of cure blindness. Most
harmful conditions can be removed in a similar way.
You can find previous cues from the current dialogue by scrolling
up in the dialog window.
You can set a development path for each region, e.g., turn it into a
religious center or a fortified military area. This decision
significantly affects the region's life and its role in the kingdom.
You can skip days in the Kingdom interface to wait for new events
to pop up or current projects to be completed.
You can use a character's portrait as a target for the spell.
You can use ranged sneak attacks on flanked enemies.
You can use the number keys on your keyboard to select an answer
in a dialog.
You can't hunt in dungeons. Make sure you bring enough rations!
Your characters and their enemies join the battle in the order determined by their
initiative rolls. Each of them gets an individual timer, counting down the battle
rounds. You can enable the display of these timers in the "Combat Settings: Party
Information" menu.
Your characters cannot sleep in medium or heavy armor. That
makes attacks on your camp extra dangerous.