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Spell Link
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Spell Link is a creature ability in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Description[edit | edit source]

When a dweomercat is targeted by a spell or is caught within the area of effect of a spell, it gains an effect related to the school of that spell. This effect activates before the dweomercat is affected by the spell targeting it and regardless of whether or not the spell overcomes its spell resistance. Each effect lasts for 1 minute. This ability does not prevent the spell affecting the dweomercat from taking effect; it only provides an additional benefit to it.

Abjuration: Randomly gains acid, cold, fire, electricity, or sonic resistance equal to 2 per spell's caster level.

Conjuration: Gains a deflection to AC equal to +1 for every 5 spell's caster level.

Divination: Gains the effect of true seeing.

Enchantment: Grants the effects of the spell heroism.

Evocation: Inflicts an amount of damage equal to the spell's level upon the spell's caster.

Illusion: Grants the effect of invisibility. This effects ends as per the spell.

Necromancy: Gains the effect of false life, as if cast by the caster of the spell targeting the dweomercat.

Transmutation: Gains an enhancement bonus

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