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{{book|''"EXPEDITION ESTIMATE''{{2br}}
''|Money received:''{{2br}}
''|From Tikhur, collector of antiquities {{n-}} 500 silver coins''{{2br}}
''|From local herdsmen to kill [[cyclops]] {{n-}} 50 silver coins''{{2br}}
''|Total {{n-}} 550 silver coins''{{2br}}
''|Estimated Expenses:''{{2br}}
''|Pillar transport to Tikhur''{{2br}}
''|5 handymen {{n-}} 5 silver coins per day''
''|Cart and driver {{n-}} 2 silver coins per day''{{2br}}
''|10 professional mercenaries (full advance payment) {{n-}} 10 silver coins per day''{{2br}}
''|Compensation for equipment loss {{n-}} 25 silver coins''{{2br}}
''|Compensation to families of the deceased {{n-}} 70 silver coins (each!)''{{2br}}
''|10 villagers-"recruits" (only small advance) {{n-}} 1 silver coin per day''{{2br}}
''|10 wooden poles {{n-}} 0!''{{2br}}
''|1 town simpleton-"headman" (only small advance) {{n-}} 2 silver coins per day''{{2br}}
''|1 short spear {{n-}} 10 silver coins''{{2br}}
''|At first when Tikhur approached me, I was going to refuse this unprofitable job. However, if I save on guards, I'll be able to keep a pretty sum. No reason to pay for professional monster hunters if common recruits can draw the cyclops far enough {{n-}} then the workers can dig and load the pillar in the cart. And the payment from the herdsmen is small, but a nice additon!''{{2br}}
''|I have no idea why the savage would be so attached to his Koloran thing. Indistinct recollections of the former glory of his race? Rudimentary aesthetic perception of the world? Or maybe he just recognized himself in the bas-relief?"''}}