Skymetal Cogwheel

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Skymetal Cogwheel
A memento of times long past. A well-grounded antiquities collector might pay handsomely for it.
0.1 lbs. 75 Coin.png
Before losing my eyesight, I could not help but shed tears when I looked to the sky. So many worlds - all of them so far, unreachable, inconceivable... And now I hold in my hands an item made by inhabitants of those distant stars. This is proof that someday, we may chance to meet them - for better or for worse. Please - allow me to buy it from you.
~ the Storyteller

Skymetal Cogwheel is an item in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Use[edit | edit source]

These items can be sold, via dialog choice, to the Storyteller for 300 Coin.png.