Skeletal Salesman

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Skeletal Salesman
World map encounters

Skeletal Salesman is a merchant character in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Description[edit | edit source]

Once an adventurer, now serves an dragon lich by trading the dragon's gear for gold.


  • He can be encountered many times during the game through world map encounters only.
  • His wares will get better or simply replenish.

Wares 1 (Encountered around Season of Bloom)[edit | edit source]

Item Price
Corrosive Two-Bladed Sword +1 (x1) 8,300 Coin.png
Flaming Javelin +1 (x1) 8,300 Coin.png
Frost Falchion +1 (x1) 8,300 Coin.png
Necrotic Dwarven Urgrosh +1 (x1) 8,300 Coin.png
Shock Falcata +1 (x1) 8,300 Coin.png
Shock Rapier +1 (x1) 8,300 Coin.png
Thundering Dart +1 (x1) 8,300 Coin.png
Half-plate of Will (x1) 13,000 Coin.png
Sturdy Leather Armor (x1) 16,000 Coin.png
Scroll of Heroism (x1) 375 Coin.png
Wand of Slow (x1) 4,725 Coin.png

Wares 2 (Encountered around Varnhold Vanishing)[edit | edit source]

Item Price
Corrosive Tongi +2 (x1) 18,500 Coin.png
Flaming Earth Breaker +2 (x1) 18,500 Coin.png
Flaming Orc Double Axe +2 (x1) 18,500 Coin.png
Frost Kukri +2 (x1) 18,500 Coin.png
Giant Bane Heavy Mace +2 (x1) 18,500 Coin.png
Holy Bastard Sword +2 (x1) 18,500 Coin.png
Holy Rapier +2 (x1) 18,500 Coin.png
Radiant Dueling Sword +2 (x1) 18,500 Coin.png
Shock Sling Staff +2 (x1) 18,500 Coin.png
Shock Warhammer +2 (x1) 18,500 Coin.png
Speed Dagger +2 (x1) 18,500 Coin.png
Speed Light Hammer +2 (x1) 18,500 Coin.png
Thundering Scythe +2 (x1) 18,500 Coin.png
Thundering Spear +2 (x1) 18,500 Coin.png
Undead Bane Starknife +2 (x1) 18,500 Coin.png
Vicious Longsword +2 (x1) 18,500 Coin.png
Adamantine Half-Plate +2 (x1) 19,750 Coin.png
Antitoxin Chainshirt (x1) 9,250 Coin.png
Breastplate of Medium Fire Resistance (x1) 9,350 Coin.png
Giant's Nemesis (x1) 9,400 Coin.png
Hide Armor of Medium Cold Resistance (x1) 9,165 Coin.png
Leather Armor of Medium Acid Resistance (x1) 9,160 Coin.png
Mithral Chainmail +2 (x1) 9,000 Coin.png
Padded Armor of Firm Steps (x1) 9,155 Coin.png
Robe of the Wise (x1) 12,000 Coin.png
Studded Leather of Medium Electricity Resistance (x1) 9,175 Coin.png
Belt of Giant Strength +4 (x1) 16,000 Coin.png
Belt of Mighty Constitution +4 (x1) 16,000 Coin.png
Athlete's Gloves (x1) 25,000 Coin.png
Undertaker's Gloves (x1) 25,000 Coin.png
Headband of Inspired Wisdom +4 (x1) 16,000 Coin.png
Helmet of Confidence (x1) 86,000 Coin.png
Augur's Cape (x1) 3,500 Coin.png
Extend Metamagic Rod (x1) 11,000 Coin.png
Maximize Metamagic Rod (x1) 54,000 Coin.png
Scroll of Circle of Death (x1) 1,650 Coin.png
Scroll of Cloak of Dreams (x1) 1,650 Coin.png
Scroll of Dismissal (x1) 1,125 Coin.png
Scroll of Ice Storm (x1) 700 Coin.png
Scroll of Protection From Acid, Communal (x1) 700 Coin.png
Scroll of Stinking Cloud (x1) 375 Coin.png
Scroll of Stoneskin (x1) 700 Coin.png
Scroll of Summon Large Water Elemental (x1) 1,125 Coin.png
Scroll of Summon Monster II (Wolf) (x1) 150 Coin.png
Scroll of Vampiric Shadow Shield (x1) 1,125 Coin.png
Wand of Displacement (x1) 1,800 Coin.png
Wand of Enervation (x1) 4,620 Coin.png
Wand of Spit Venom (x1) 3,825 Coin.png
Wand of Thorn Body (x1) 6,720 Coin.png
Wand of Web (x1) 1,350 Coin.png

Wares 3[edit | edit source]

Item Price
Anarchic Lycanthrope Bane Greatsword +2 (x1) 32,000 Coin.png
Corrosive Flaming Battleaxe +2 (x1) 32,000 Coin.png
Mithral Speed Scimitar +2 (x1) 32,000 Coin.png
Plant Bane Flaming Sickle +2 (x1) 32,000 Coin.png
Shock Thundering Trident +2 (x1) 32,000 Coin.png
Speed Corrosive Shortspear +2 (x1) 32,000 Coin.png
Speed Keen Composite Longbow +2 (x1) 32,000 Coin.png
Ray Blocker (x1) 16,160 Coin.png
Half-Plate of Stability (x1) 16,750 Coin.png
Leather Armor of Greater Cold Resistance (x1) 16,160 Coin.png

Wares 4[edit | edit source]