Shyka the Many

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Shyka the Many
Inconsequent Debates
Lostlarn Keep (Varnhold's Lot DLC)
Cave from Luna's Map
Castle of Knives
House at the Edge of Time
Everblooming Flower Cradle
The Price of Curiosity
The Door to Nowhere
The First Crown
So Shall You Reap

Shyka the Many is a character in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Description[edit | edit source]

The figure before you wears grey robes, yet the body beneath them flickers, changing age, gender, and race - one moment an ancient elven man, the next a young human woman, then a tattooed dwarf, and so on. It embodies that which you think of as time, entropy, and reincarnation. Shyka's form is constantly changing because there have been many Shykas, and will be many more. Long ago, they've decided to live interspersed rather than sequentially, so that they could each experience all of eternity, considering this way of living more interesting.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Shyka the Many is one of the Eldest, a divine fey creature of tremendous power said to be able to reshape the very fabric of the First World on a whim.

Shyka could be considered a title or a role, for many entities, both male and female, have borne this name over ages. All have been chronomancers with mastery over time; time acts strangely within the First World, but Shyka seems able to manipulate it.

Indeed, his or her many forms and personalities over time, past and future, may well sit within Shyka together, out of time, as they all seem to speak with the same voice.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

It is met on multiple occasions and in a variety of situations.

You first meet Shyka during The Price of Curiosity quest. It is the host of the Inconsequent Debates.