Shard of Knight's Bracers

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Shard of Knight's Bracers
This item bears a trace of lost power – it seems you've found a shard of a destroyed artifact. If you find all of the fragments, an artisan with enough skill could restore it for you!
0.25 lbs. 125 Coin.png

Shard of Knight's Bracers is a Relic Fragment in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Use[edit | edit source]

When 10 are brought together to the Storyteller, he will fix them and give you the Forest Knight's Bracers.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Ford Across the Skunk River: Wall near river hidden in cache. Just west of the southern bank where you meet Jubilost.
  • Ruined Watchtower: Chest to the west of the stone bridge, just above the dead bandit with the white cog.
  • Lone House: On body of dead bandit you fight near the western side.
  • Swamp Witch's Hut: NW corner of map on branch behind giant slugs.
  • Hodag Lair: Hidden pile of twigs E side of map.
  • Lizardfolk Village: Chest in Chieftain's Hut that must be unlocked.
  • Hunting Grounds: Giant Fly Trap, left of centre of map.
  • Goblin Fort: In hidden crate Perception DC 22 by wall on eastern part of map, almost SE corner.
  • Womb of Lamashtu: Under a rock, take left hand fork. In the room with a Redcap and Giant Spiders.