Roc's Egg

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Roc's Egg
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Talk to Elina after Season of Bloom is over
The Beer Mug Inn
Talon Peak
Ancient Roc
900 exp, Gold Coins (x5,100), Eggs (x6), Owlbear Egg (x4), and Soft Cheese (x5)
Previous Quest
Season of Bloom

Roc's Egg is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Collect a roc egg from Talon Peak and deliver it to Elina, the innkeeper.
Roc's Egg
Collect a roc egg from Talon Peak and deliver it to Elina, the innkeeper.
We can cross this task off our list.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Speak with Elina in the tavern, in your capitol, after the end of Season of Bloom and she'll ask you to retrieve a Roc Egg from Talon Peak.
  • Talon Peak is located to the east, in the mountains around crooked river, just east of Arbor Rock.
  • You will have to travel north a little ways, cross the river and then return south around the end of crooked river and back up to reach it.
  • Once there, travel up the mountain path until you reach a ruined fort (after an area transition).
  • Here you can pass a perception check to find 4 hidden buttons on the walls
  • Active the buttons in the correct sequence to open a wall revealing a hidden chamber with a chest
  • Kill the spiders and the bandits and make your way through the ruins to the roc's nest in the north-west area of the map
  • An Ancient Roc will descend and attack you
  • Kill it.
  • Interact with the nest to loot the Roc Egg and some random treasure.
  • Use the lever on the wall to open a gate revealing an area exit.
  • Leave and return to your capitol and speak with Elina at the tavern again.
  • Give the egg to Elina.