Robe of the Fallen Priestess

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Robe of the Fallen Priestess
64 x 64
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Robe of the Fallen Priestess is a note in Pathfinder: Kingmaker. An oath, of sorts, is written in blood upon the dirty robe. Although the ancient fabric has grown feeble, the inscription has not worn or faded. Each scarlet letter remains clearly legible.

Text[edit | edit source]

"I, Tioko Sakasama, renounce Desna and all her teachings, and return to the fold of Mother Lamashtu. I swear I will serve her loally to the end of my days, and if the Mother so pleases, beyond my death as well. I repent of my betrayal, and will gratefully accept my punishment.

In her mercy, Mother Lamashtu promises to fulfill one single wish. She will deliver my friends from their madness - Rubgen Drass, Manush Vuvk, Smaragda Ferdu, and Liafella Dmerre - and transport them from this dungeon where we wander, trapped. Let them be taken to the place in Sandpoint where we first met, safe and sound.

O, Mother, reverently I deliver my soul into Your hands. I swear to do everything in my power to destroy the abominable Spawn of Rovagug, which corrupts this dungeon with its nightmares, and deliver its slaves to their deaths - especially the silver dragon called Xelliren.

Tioko Sakasama, loyal child of Lamashtu."

Source[edit | edit source]

If the prerequisites are fulfilled, drops from The Fallen Priestess