Rivel's Unsent Letter

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Rivel's Unsent Letter
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Rivel's Unsent Letter is a letter in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

"My dearest sister, do you remember Tiltaren, who these three years ago I had the misfortune of meeting along the pass over the Tors of Levenies? He'd gotten himself into a jam - run straight into a band of thieves that waylaid travelers on mountain roads. His bomb were his only weapon, and he couldn't use them in the snowy mountains without bringing an avalanche down on his own head. By chance I was climbing up the pass from the other side, fleeing a pack of werewolves... and then there was that horrible blizzard... It all ended in quite a mess, ha ha!

Me and an elf, stuck for three days in that cramped cave, afraid to peek out. Bandits and werewolves stalked the blizzard outside. The occasional sharp cry rang out, and the silence fell again. When we finally escaped that stone hole, we were sick enough of each other to say goodbye through gritted teeth, and parted ways silently hoping that we'd never meet again. Well, that hope's been dashed: we managed to run into each other in the middle of some backwater in the Stolen Lands, only to discover that we were on our way to the same place! Someday I will tell you more of our quest, and the manner of our meeting. But know that it began with "You, again!", and in turn we discovered - what a coincidence! - that we've been having the same dream, sent to us by a dragon. As you know, everything happens... more quickly in parties of adventurers living from one dangerous expedition to the next. It was like that between me and Till too. On the fifth day of our journey, his blank face began to seem sweet, and the jingle-jangle of his alchemist vials grew soothing.

Today is the thirty-seventh evening since we reunited, and we're camping inside the cave where the dragon called us. Today Till gave me a special seashell - a protective charm. He said it will help me survive in the most dangerous places, and that it remembers the last words said at the end of the day. You can hear them when you hold the seashell to your ear.

He gave me this gift, and went out on patrol. It's his turn today. At first I didn't think to listen what the shell had to say; and when I did...

"Marry me."

I know you'll call me a careless fool, sister dear. But I know what my answer will be.

It's a good thing that Xelliren, the dragon who called us here, is also a priest, though he follows a strange god. You can't have a wedding without a boring speech and a priest's ritual, right?"