Reveal My Destiny

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Reveal My Destiny
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Jaethal Brings Disturbing News throne room event.
Elven Camp
Companion quest
34560-40800xp and Signet of the Incorruptible (if Nortellara is alive at the end)
Previous Quest
Chase My Shadow

Reveal My Destiny is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Enneo, inquisitor of Pharasma, plotted to frame Jaethal for murdering several young elves. We really did kill the elves, but it was in self-defense! Now a large party from Kyonin has arrived to take Jaethal into their custody. It's unlikely that they will agree to return to Kyonin empty-handed!

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Meet with the elves in their camp[edit | edit source]

  • Some elves, camping not far from the borders of the kingdom, sent us a letter demanding that we hand over Jaethal to them. Whatever decision our leader makes, we should get to the camp and discuss the matter.

Help Jaethal to resolve the situation[edit | edit source]

  • We discovered that the group of elves was led by Nortellara, Jaethal's daughter. She wants to see justice done and punish her mother for all the blood sacrifices and murders. Is there a window left for negotiations? Or is it time to draw our swords?
  • To maximize the xp gain choose "Listen to us before you make any hasty decisions" - it opens Diplomacy 36 (+6240xp) check to scare off some of the elves.

Decide the fate of Jaethal and her daughter[edit | edit source]

  • For better or for worse, we had to fight the elves and defeat them. Nortellara is now in our hands, and her mother has very evil plans for her! The King/Queen must make a decision.
  • After you've dealt with all the elves, a new conversation starts. For the best ending for Jaethal choose: (Neutral Good) "Jaethal, stop!.." followed by "You surely put much effort...", what makes her hesitate a bit. Then you can choose arguments against killing Nortellara. If you've met prerequisites: have Tristian with you, condemned Jaethal for the murderers in Kyonin and during previous Jaethal's quests did not resurrect neither dead elven girl, nor the priestess of Urgathoa - need to succeed in two of the last three - then after presenting your arguments, Jaethal makes her decision and rejects Urgathoa's gift and is immediately killed by the wrath of the goddess. (+28800xp)
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This way Jaethal is returned to life during chapter 7 in the House at the Edge of Time.

Talk to Nortellara after that to receive her thanks and Signet of the Incorruptible

  • If Nortellara is sacrificed, Jaethal stays alive and receives Eternal Clarity special ability (+2 inherent bonus to Wisdom, Dexterity and Charisma)
  • Beware! If you decide to fight Jaethal - the game may hang at her death (as of ver. 2.0.8).

Outcome[edit | edit source]

A family quarrel is such a delicate thing! Neither Jaethal nor Nortellara were ready to accept a peaceful solution, so the King/Queen had to determine their fate once and for all.