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Restovic Paraphernalia is a collection of relics in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Their Story[edit | edit source]

This is the story of the collection, as told by the Storyteller:

"I hear rowlocks creaking. River water splashing. Bushes rustling and arrows singing through the air. I feel an invincible will, a cold resolution to finish what's been started, no matter the cost. My chain armor clings to my body, and my young hands grip a sword tightly. I am the leader of a group of brave souls, set off to the Stolen Lands to clear them from bandits, once and for all."

"We sail on a large freight boat. It serves as bait for the bandits, who keep throwing themselves at it, only to find death. A death as inglorious as the life they've lived."

"From time to time we manage to capture a prisoner. While our inquisitor talks to them, I go to the stern, shutting my ears to their cries. I remind myself that these are scum, drenched in blood to the elbow. I think upon our cause – freedom for my homeland, an independent Rostland. But still my goosebumps rise with each pitiful cry. I must steel myself and be strong."

  • "Who is in your group?"
"A paladin, a ranger, a sorceress, a priest, and an inquisitor, and me – a fighter. All experienced combatants. Over and over, we've saved each other's lives in times of need."
  • "Why do you question the prisoners?"
"The bandits attacking our boat are small fry. We're looking for their main lair – a place known as the Drowned Trees. We seek the leader of the bandits, an underwater monster named Dargut Droon, and we will not leave without his head!"
  • "Have there always been so many bandits in the Stolen Lands?"
"This land swarms with them, and we meet them more often than common merchants. You see, we started a rumor that the Aldori Swordlords are using this boat to sneak treasures out of the country. Now half the gangs in the area are hunting us."

"At night it seems a whole army is attacking our boat. Far too many for us to fend off... But luckily, we don't have to. While they battle monsters we've summoned in a pitch-black magical darkness, we drink the potions we've prepared, and dive under the water."

"The scum break into the hold, but instead of treasure, they find their final surprise – the work of a Restovic alchemist, a trap. A dozen barrels of highly explosive oils. We watch from a safe distance as the boat is blown to pieces in a deafening explosion. Everything has gone according to plan. The more who die here, the fewer we'll meet in the Drowned Trees."

"We march through the forest, then camp to regain our strength. Their nest is close – our inquisitor discovered everything, even the location of their secret entrance. Today we rest. Tomorrow, the bandit king will draw his final breath!"

  • "Even if you sneak into the bandit camp unseen, how will you handle all of them?"
"Each of us is worth two dozen in battle. Besides, we are well prepared. Chaos, confusion, and summoned monsters will be on our side... And fire – a lot of fire."
  • "What kind of secret entrance?"
"An underwater path, winding along the swamp bottom. We had potions to breath freely under water. We couldn't see beyond our outstretched arms in the muddy water, and there were plenty of traps along the way, but the inquisitor learned all the signs that marked the safe passage... At least we believed she did."

"We trudge through muddy waters. Suddenly, a giant log studded with blades falls from above. I manage to stagger back, but the paladin who walked alongside me is now a gory sight, spread thin across the ground."

"The next moment a monstrous creature emerges from the darkness – a twisted cross between fish and monkey. Its clawed hands reach out, effortlessly melting away the inquisitor's flesh, then ripping out her heart. This is the king of the bandits, Dargut Droon. The bandit we captured did not lie – but the secret passage he spoke of led right into the underwater lair of his master!"

"I bury my terror deep in my soul – there was no time for weakness. There were only four of us left, and we are gasping for air by the time the freak's lifeblood stains the water. We leave the beheaded body on dry land, then retreat and recover. Only now I allow my hands to tremble, my breath to race unbidden, my tears to flow."

  • "What kind of a monster was this Dargut Droon?"
"They say he was once a normal human, but he offended a powerful fey. She cursed him, turning him into a monster – but one bestowed with the ability to breathe under water, and melt human flesh with his touch. With these powers he became the bandit king."
  • "Do you find anything useful in Dargut's lair?"
"Oh yes. The bandit king was a true collector of magical items! We lost two of our friends, but what we found there would help us finish what we started."
  • "So the bandit wanted to set you up, but he played right into your hands?"
"You could say so... Dargut Droon didn't expect an armed party to appear there before him. But we too were unprepared for the encounter. The bandit's lie cost both sides dearly."

"The next night we return the same way. We swim up to the surface, and quietly gather our bearings. Above us loom the Drowned Trees – enormous dead trunks emerging from the water, bridges crisscrossing their branches. The air is filled with the sounds of battle. – Having lost their king, the bandits now battle each other for power. And we are ready to join the fight."

"We leave at dawn. Behind us, smoke rises up to the sky. The bandit nest smoulders and blazes. Only two of us remain, the priest and I. We've won, but this victory tastes of ash. Cinders and swamp ooze. I ask him, 'Tell me Ezvanki, was it worth it?' He puts his hand on my shoulder and says, "Yes, Jamandi. Now the Stolen Lands will be ours.' I wish I believe him."

The Storyteller heaves a sigh, runs his hand over his face, and rubs his temples. "Thus the expedition to the Drowned Trees came to an end. I must admit, it was no easy feeling for me to stand in the place of this daring woman. The steel of her soul was colder than ice."

  • "Wait... Is this the story of Jamandi Aldori? But she's still alive!"
"Some people become legends in their own lifetime! Jamandi has performed many glorious feats, and there may yet be more ahead."
  • "If Jamandi has once cleared the Stolen Lands of bandits, why must me do it all over again?"
"The death of Dargut Droon, and destruction of the Drowned Trees, weakened the bandits – but not for long. The paladin who died was a noble. It was he who was supposed to claim the Stolen Lands and send in his troops. While Jamandi sought another candidate or priest capable of performing a resurrection ritual, a new bandit leader emerged in the destroyed fortress on the banks of the Tuskwater. Within the year, the Stolen Lands were swarming with gangs once more."

Locations[edit | edit source]