Reforged Blade

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Reforged Blade
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Throne room event
The Beer Mug Inn
Six Bears Camp
Companion quest
12,720 xp
Akaia's Honor OR Amiri's Triumph OR Nilak's Sacrifice
Previous Quest
Blood Calling

Reforged Blade is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

I knew it! The ghost that chased the Six Bears has returned! Now it haunts Amiri in her sleep, demanding that she return a sword she stole from a breathless corpse long ago, when she first set off for her travels! The sword was once broken by Armag, the insane chief of the Tiger Lords! Before the sword is returned, it will need to be repaired, and the cost will be high...

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Meet Amiri at the tavern[edit | edit source]

  • Amiri got some news about her tribe — and she doesn't seem to be happier for it. She's waiting at the tavern. We'd better meet her before she empties the wine cellar!

  • Just talk to Amiri in the tavern. She tells you, that in her dream came the giant, whom she took her sword from and offered to change the lives of her tribe to the sword. As the blade is now broken - it should be reforged. Enables Reforging the Sword project.

You get +2160 xp for the talk.

Repair the sword[edit | edit source]

  • Repairing a magical sword costs a fortune – but that's the price the ghost set on the lives of Amiri's tribe, including her best friend Nilak.

Complete the Reforging the Sword project.

Bring the sword to the Six Bears tribe[edit | edit source]

  • We have repaired the sword, and the ghost revealed to Amiri where he's holding her tribe. We'd better get going – and hope that this time the vengeful spirit will finally find peace!

  • Here you can finally talk to Fionn. He tells you his version of the story. Now it's up for you to decide, simply to kill Fionn and his servants, or to sacrifice one of the chieftains : Nilak, Akaia or...

You can offer to sacrifice yourself! (Chaotic Good) - choose this option for the best outcome for Amiri, as she steps forward and kills herself just to be resurrected afterwards.

After resolving this situation by any means, the quest ends and you receive +9600 xp.

Outcome[edit | edit source]

Well, this chapter in the story of our brave companion has come to a close. We couldn't solve the problem without bloodshed – as you might expect in a story about barbarians. At least that evil spirit will haunt Amiri and her former tribe no longer.