Ravena's Oath

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Ravena's Oath
Heavy Shield
Armor Class
Armor Penalty
Spell Failure
Enhancement +5
This shield belonged to Warrior Queen Ravena and received its name from the queen's famous faithfulness to her word. Neither this shield nor the queen's oath could be broken. This turned out to be true in a way, but the queen's faithfulness did not stop her from becoming an evil demon worshiper, and her shield's strength did not save Ravena when she was betrayed and assassinated by her own knights.
This +5 heavy shield can be used as a weapon. On a successful hit it makes the target bleed for 1d6 damage per turn. Effects of multiple applications of this effect stack. Bleeding stops when the battle ends, or when the target is cured by any effect that restores HP.
15 lbs. 16,750 Coin.png

Ravena's Oath is a magic shield in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Source[edit | edit source]

Given by or drops from Queen Ravena in Giggling Hill after solving The Ravenous Queen quest.