Raspberry Gully

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Description[edit | edit source]

''A shallow ravine surrounded with raspberry bushes. Locals tell their children to stay away from the sweet berries - instead of staying in place, like any respectable plant would, the bushes around the gully occasionally move from place to place.''


- To get the Mysterious Letter you will have to make some operations and pass some skill checks:

  • First - Perception 20 to notice an interactive place near the bush, where the Druid was hiding something
  • Second - Perception 28 (+360 xp) -> Knowledge (Arcana) 28 (+360 xp) or Detect Magic -> Knowledge (Arcana) 28 (+360 xp) to figure out how enchanted seal works
  • Third - Carefully remove seal without touching the envelope

This way you manage to preserve three quarters of the letter. If you simply take the letter from the bush, it desintegrates, leaving you only a Fragment of a Mysterious Letter

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Loot[edit | edit source]