Professor's Hat

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Professor's Hat
The Professor's Hat has a habit of wandering off on its own throughout the worlds, prompting the Professor to follow it on fantastical adventures. Its original wielder, Professor Policapelus, is described variously as a magician, trickster, or in some stories a demonic or Mephistophelan figure. He is consistently interested in the stories of the worlds he finds himself in, often establishing himself or performer to feel those same stories flowing through him. He might come back for his hat, but there are so very many worlds that it will probably take a while.
Within the Professor's Hat is a subspace similar to bags of holding but only accessible to the wearer of the hat. Wearing it increases the party's carrying capacity by 200 and contains all masterwork tools possible, providing the wearer with a +2 competence bonus on all skill checks.
1 lbs. 4,000 Coin.png

Professor's Hat is a magic accessory in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.


Found on a body in the cave near the Bridge over the Gudrin River, guarded by a powerful Crag Linnorm.