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This page contains extensive spoilers. Continue at your own risk.

A location for listing major choices during the events of the game.

These choices may not be obvious when made, but will later be referenced when showing the result, such as in a dialog, and the text will be a colored a dark blue-grey color, with a tooltip window that describes what your choice was.

Season of Bloom Choices[edit | edit source]

Event Choice Result
The future of the Everblooming Flower. Take a piece of the root, then burn it. Enables a research project into the curse on the bloom.
Burn it immediately. ?
What use to put the old prison. Clinic. Enables kingdom project "Open a Hospital" (Community +3, Loyalty +4)
Guard headquarters. Enables kingdom project "Open Guards Headquarter" (Military +3, Stability +4)
Can't afford either. ?
Leave it as a prison.

Companion Quests Choices[edit | edit source]

Event Choice Result
Whether to throw Ekundayo a picnic. Yes Begins the quest A Feast of Feasts.
No ?

Non-Quest Choices[edit | edit source]

Event Choice Result
Reaction to Dragn's demands. Agree to build him a workshop. ?
Tell him to go away. ?
Say your advisors will check his calculations. ?
Hang him. ?