Pile of Notes

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Pile of Notes
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The Scary Box
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Pile of Notes is a letter in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

First Note:

"I'm not gonna say it out loud – the chief'd rip me a new one if he heard me – but I think it's time to hit the road. Silverstep is cursed! Look, just yesterday, I saw a boat sailing in the lake. A big one, kind with a big sail, and there were a bunch of people onboard around some big box or chest or something. All of a sudden, the steersman spins the wheel and rams the boat right against the rocks! The wreck went down at that cliff not far from our cave. The people jumped out and tried to swim for shore, but... they just froze in place and sank under without a sound! One got close enough I could see his face, a mask of terror I can't even begin to describe. Yelled something about Charon, went pale, froze like the others, and – pop! That was the last I saw of him.

Sure, there are plenty of nasty beasts around, but this was something else. I trust my instincts, and they're screaming at me loud as can be to get out while we still can. If we don't, we're all gonna die."

Second note:

"Cut the whining, bud. There's a wrecked boat, and you say we should run? I say we go take a look – might be there's some valuables in the wreckage."

Third note:

"Now you've done it! Chief found out about the boat and the chest, and now all he talks about is looking for treasure! He's gonna have the others out searching for it, poking around the lake bed with hooks – and at night, of all things, so the locals don't notice!

I'm telling you, no good'll come of this. These woods give me the creeps, and they're even worse at night. Day before yesterday, I was on my way to the cave and heard a noise behind me. Turned around, and saw two glowing eyes staring at me from the woods! Imagine it: the fir grove, in the dark, and just two blazing embers in the night. I don't know what it was, and I don't want to – I'm just glad it disappeared as soon as I saw it!"

Fourth note:

"While you were busy being scared of that wolf or runaway kitty or whatever it was, I found that box! It's just sitting there, all that precious treasure right on the lake bed – it's not even that far from shore! We're fishing it out tomorrow."

Fifth note:

"Are you serious? I swear, if we don't get out of here before that box is out of the water, something terrible is going to happen!"

Sixth note:

"Look, the beast that attacked the cave was scary, sure. But we gave it hell, didn't we? And when the chief set it on fire, it ran off, didn't it? Howled so loud I thought my head'd explode, but we came out fine. No, I think I'm gonna stay. I bet that box is full of treasure. And as for the beasts and those drowned men of yours... Well, this profession's all about taking risks, right?"

Seventh note.

"There's risks, then there's whatever this is. No, when the chief goes out to get that box, I'm gonna show my heels. Farewell, pal. Life is long – maybe we'll meet again someday, if we play our cards right."

Source[edit | edit source]

Found in a hidden rock pile in the cave in Lake Silverstep Village.