Peridot Wyvern

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Peridot Wyvern
Usable item
Target point within close range.
1 per day
10 minutes
Caster Level
The gnome sorcerer Bantam Brenares crafted this figurine after visiting the continent of Garund. He was enchanted by the dinosaurs there and decided to have one for himself. Sadly, the mighty dinosaurs made unsuitable pets, so he decided instead to make the likeness of one of them into a figurine of wondrous power. While researching the techniques required to craft these figurines, he found that none of them depicted dinosaurs of any sort, and the path to acquiring one as a pet would be even more complicated than he previously imagined. This figurine is one [sic] several that he crafted during the course of his research.
This figurine is capable of summoning a mighty wyvern once per day for 10 minutes. The wyvern draws power from the owner of the figurine, and its HD is equal to the summoner's character level, with a maximum of 12 HD.
0.2 lbs. 7,750 Coin.png

Peridot Wyvern is a magic item in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Source[edit | edit source]

Found in a trunk in the Womb of Lamashtu.