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Throne room event
The Beer Mug Inn
Six Bears Camp
Skeletal Champion
Companion quest
600 xp
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Prove Your Worth
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Blood Calling

Pariah is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Journal[edit | edit source]

We each had our own reasons to go to the Stolen Lands. Some to find a new future, others to flee from the past... Amiri doesn't like to speak of how she once lived, and what she did before she came here. She was forced to leave her tribe because its thick-headed and stubborn patriarchs were unwilling to let women become fighters. After she left them, she definitely proved her right to wield a sword – but leaving her family behind seems to have scarred her deeply...
Meet Amiri at the tavern
Amiri wishes to speak with the baron{ess} about something personal. She said it's about her former tribe – the one she left... or the one she was banished from... In any case, this conversation must be quite important to her. She's waiting in the tavern. We should hurry to catch up with her while she's still sober enough to speak clearly!
Visit the campsite of the Six Bears tribe with Amiri
Kellid barbarians usually roam the snowy mountains of the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, and rarely venture beyond those lands. So what made Amiri's former tribe cross all of Numeria? What do they seek in the Stolen Lands? We should find out!
Destroy the evil spirit that haunts the Six Bears tribe
It's no wonder Amiri doesn't like to speak of her past. The story of her parting with her tribe proved far more grim than usual family spats over misplaced socks or missing pies! Because of her, an evil spirit haunts her tribe – driving the Six Bears to flee their homeland! Well, we are not afraid of ghosts! We'll help Amiri deal with this spirit – and perhaps in the end make peace with her former tribesmen.
Tell the tribe of your victory over the evil spirit
The villain dissolved into thin air, as if he never existed! We should inform the Six Bears as quickly as we can. Their last encounter with Amiri ended… not on the best of terms.
Now we finally know why Amiri doesn't like to talk about her past. Her tribesmen tried to get rid of her – and fell by her hand instead. But what's the connection between her and the ghost that haunts the tribe? And why does it call her a "thief"? What in the world could it want from her? At least for a while these mysteries must remain unsolved: after an unsuccessful (more like catastrophic) family reunion, the Six Bears tribe returned to Numeria. But I have little doubt that we'll be hearing from them again – and from that mysterious ghost... Because if we don't, I'll just die of curiosity!

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Amiri will come to you in the throne room and ask you to meet her at the tavern.
  • Go to the now-unlocked Six Bears Camp to the far northwest of Tuskdale.
  • Help the barbarians defeat the Skeletal Champions and then talk with Nilak and Chieftain Akaia.
  • Head east from the conversation to encounter more Skeletal Champions and the creature named Fionn.
  • Loot the bodies and the camp then return to speak with Nilak. Note that you will leave the camp after the conversation and be unable to return.