Papers from Dumra's Chest

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Papers from Dumra's Chest
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Papers from Dumra's Chest is a document in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]


1 bot oil, 2 lvs bread, 1 bg salt, 7 eggs, 2 bgs potatoes.

2 lvs bread, 2 bgs potatoes (don't buy from one-eyed old man again), 1 bot oil, 1bg tea, 1 tub honey.

1 lf bread, 1 bg potatoes.

1 bg potatoes.

2 bgs potatoes, 2 lvs bread, 1 bot oil, 10 eggs.


3 fresh rabbit carcasses, 3 rabbit skins, half of jerked deer meat, 1 pr antlers.

5 fresh rabbit carcasses, 5 rabbit skins, wyvern claws, wyvern skull.

2 rabbit skins, 2 fresh rabbit carcasses.


< A clear day. It rained in the evening.

< A clear day.

< A clear day.

< It rained a little.

< It was raining the whole day.

< Rain.

< Rain.


Rabbits getting more careful, must come up with a new snare.

Less deer in the woods. Hunters scared them all off.

Saw a wyvern eat a deer today.

Too many monsters around these parts. Hydras started attacking hunters. Hope they take on goblins as well.

These monsters have scared off all game. Hungry times are coming.


Saw goblins in the swamps.

Another goblin lurking in the swamps. There's getting too many of them.

Saw a bright flash coming from Candlemere. I don't know what it was. Didn't look like lightning. Must be goblins having fun.

Everard came by today. Haven't seen him for a while. Told me a new ruler showed up in the Stolen Lands. For how long.

Saw a goblin again."

Source[edit | edit source]

Found in a box on the second floor of the Secluded Lodge.