Page from a Cultist's Diary (Wicked Hill)

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Page from a Cultist's Diary (Wicked Hill)
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Page from a Cultist's Diary (Wicked Hill) is a letter in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

"What won't I do for you, the unparalleled Pax Grumetra! Pretending to be a cultist of Charon, just to get them to help me. To be honest, all I know about the deity is his symbol - a skull with coins covering the eye sockets. I made the logical assumption that it was somehow related to death and started mumbling something about death and fate at the coven meeting - and they just took me for one of their own! Three years studying at the Academy of the Arts - can't take that away! Even if most of my time there was more reverly than studying. Unfortunately, Charon's followers aren't really of much help. Daemons serve their deity, but these dumb cultists don't know how to make the daemons obey their summoner! And I can't just tell them "a daemon stole the soul of my favourite writer, and I need to get it back or I'll never know who the murderer in the last issue of "Shadows of Absalom" was!" I have to constantly improvise and make things up as I go, but at least I'm good at that!"

Source[edit | edit source]

Found together with Melted Pliers with the Technic League's Brand in a container in the middle of Wicked Hill location. Guarded by Patient Shadow.