P is for Prosperity

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P is for Prosperity
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Kingdom quest

P is for Prosperity is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Journal[edit | edit source]

All right, our hero{ine} has a whole barony in {his/her} hands! {He/She}'s going to work to wrap {his/her} head around the science of governing a country, and I'll become the whole country's chronicler. I'll write down and keep forever the tiniest details of how {player} turned this forsaken place into the jewel of the Stolen Lands!
Increase the ranks of barony's stats 5 times
Our barony doesn't look very imposing right now. Rats run around in the streets of the capital, and clay tile roofs are impressive here. We're not afraid of the difficulties ahead, though. It'll work out if we do our best!
Unlock any secondary stat of your barony
It's time we expanded the council. We need someone to deal with the subjects' defense, magic, culture, and foreign affairs.
Increase the ranks of barony's stats 10 times
Our Leaders are getting used to their new positions. The subjects' loyalty to the crown keeps growing. It looks like {player} is taking the roll of baron{ess} very seriously! But you can't stop now. The Stolen Lands will show the world what they can do!

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