One Thousand and One Questionable Stories

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One Thousand and One Questionable Stories
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Narlkeep, Tuskdale
Artisan quest
+1500 xp, allows Shaynih'a to craft her masterpiece
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One Thousand and One Questionable Stories is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

A Vudrani by the name of Shaynih'a that made her new home in South Narlmarches has stepped onto the path of mastery, to craft wondrous weapons for the baron/baroness/King/Queen. However, her heart is uneasy, for she suspects that fate might want something different for her. She needs help to reach harmony, otherwise the baron/baroness/King/Queen will never see the prize that Shaynih'a owes him/her!

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Shaynih'a wants to relate a legend of some sort. It seems that she won't return to work until she's been heard.
  • While presenting another of her gifts, the Vudrani said she needed help, and asked us to meet her at her workshop. What will it be this time?
  • Shaynih'a wishes to share another fabulous story. It's likely we will have to hear her out, if we want her to get back to work.
  • First you need to visit Shaynih'a in your town in South Narlmarches (Narlkeep by default). If you take Linzi with you, this grants you an additional dialogue and +600 xp.
  • Shaynih'a gives you a Letter to Hassuf, which you need to deliver to Hassuf in your capital. +180 xp
  • From this moment you can build Shaynih'a's Shop. Better sooner than later, because a step after the next it is required to progress the quest.

Deliver the letter to the merchant in the capital[edit | edit source]

  • Shaynih'a must see to it that Hassuf, the merchant from the capital, receives a letter. She was ordered to deliver it by her father, who... Well, it seems some complicated Vudrani family affair. Shaynih'a is very anxious at the thought of meeting him, and has asked us to deliver the letter for her.
  • Find Hassuf and give him the letter. +180 xp

Tell Shaynih'a about Hassuf[edit | edit source]

  • Hassuf's reaction was quite unexpected. The Vudrani will want to learn of this. She might be disappointed... She might even leave our lands forever. Or maybe she'll pay a visit to Hassuf and cut off his head. Perhaps it would be better to lie and tell her he was delighted by the letter?

Ensure that nothing distracts Shaynih'a[edit | edit source]

  • Shaynih'a has returned to her craft. Let's help that nothing gets in her way this time.
  • Wait (time varies from one to five!!! months) until Shaynih'a appears in your castle and asks you to visit her in Narlkeep. Head there and receive the Spear Fragment to deliver to the Storyteller. +180 xp

Bring the Spear Fragment to the Storyteller[edit | edit source]

  • Shaynih'a has heard a lot about the Storyteller. His strange gift — the ability to read into the memory of things — has reminded her of a legend. She told us a story about her ancestor, who defeated a monstrous beast and split its heart into a hundred and one pieces. If the Storyteller can read the memory of the spear, which Shaynih'a has been safeguarding her whole life, then she may be able to seek out those pieces and perform a great deed by returning with them to her homeland. She does not wish to leave, but she believes that it is her duty.
  • Show the Spear Fragment to the Storyteller. He tells you the vision he gets from this fragment. (By the way, why couldn't Shaynih'a do it herself, when she visited you in the previous step?) +180 xp

Tell Shaynih'a about the Storyteller's vision[edit | edit source]

  • It seems the ancestor of Shaynih'a was not a great hero, and certainly never saved Vudra from a terrible monster. The question is, should she even learn of this? It's not likely that the Vudrani will be pleased with the news. Perhaps it would be better to lie?
  • Return to Shaynih'a and tell her, what you've learned from the Storyteller. You can lie - it doesn't inluence the outcome. +600 xp

Outcome[edit | edit source]

Shaynih'a has finally made up her mind to achieve true mastery in her craft. Searching for her path, she reached out to her past, and it turned out to be much different from what she thought it was… Still, who knows — in the stories of the Vudrani, truth and fiction intertwine too closely to tell them apart. I only hope that at least the tales of her mastery are true!