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Your Kamelands Village
Nazrielle's Greatest Creation

Nazrielle is a character in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Biography[edit | edit source]

An elf artisan who offered to supply you with weapons.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Artisan items[edit | edit source]

Type Item Tier
Sword Nature's Will 0
Vein Finder 1
Putrid Blade 2
Divine Intervention 4
Redeemer 5
Chainmail Light Absorber 0
Blazing Omen 2
Weaver's Chainmail 3
Chainbreaker's Chainmail 4
Dagger Troublemaker 0
Trouble Solver 2
Deceiver 3
Silent Whisperer 5
Speed Steady Hand 0
Beholder of Wind 1
Lightest Touch 3
Dragonfly Ring 5
Elven item Sparkling Helmet 0
Chameleon Ring 1
Clarity 4

When Nazrielle comes to your capital to present you with an item, you can request a specific type of item as the next project. The next item will be chosen from that type in the list above. See Artisans#Gameplay for more information on how the game chooses an item.

  • "I need a sword that's swift and tough." will request a Sword item.
  • "I need a dagger that's invisible and deadly." will request a Dagger item.
  • "I could use some flexible and sturdy chainmail." will request a Chainmail item.
  • "I need something that can increase my speed." will request a Speed item.
  • "I'd like a sample of elven metalwork." will request an Elven item.
  • "Decide for yourself how you might surprise me." will request any item.